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The United Nations

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N.  troops entered Los Angeles to restore
order; tomorrow they will be grateful!  This is especially true if they were told there
was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our
very existence.  It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to
deliver them from this evil.  The one thing every man fears is the unknown.  When
presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the
guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."
Henry Kissinger, in an address to the Bilderberg organization meeting in Evian,
France May 21, 1992.  Transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss
Since 1945, the United Nations has been touted as the world's "last, best hope for
peace."  It has been characterized as the only group that has the capacity of stopping
the human race from destroying itself.  It has been represented as the most altruistic,
noble, agency dedicated toward creating a world of peace that had ever existed.  But
who exactly are the people who have made these representations?  What if it is all a
In the early part of this century, a strong effort to bring the United States into a
League of Nations was soundly defeated, because the American people made it plain
that they wanted no part of an "international community."  This reflected our Founding
Fathers' staunch position regarding international alliances and foreign influences.
"Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me fellow
citizens), the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history
and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of
Republican Government. - But that jealousy to be useful must be impartial; else it
becomes the instrument of the very influence to be avoided, instead of a defense
against it. - Excessive partiality for one foreign nation and excessive dislike of
another, cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve
to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. - Real Patriots, who may
resist the intrigues of the favourite, are liable to become suspected and odious; while
its tools and dupes usurp the applause & confidence of the people, to surrender their
George Washington, Farewell Address, Paragraph 34, September 19, 1796
When the efforts to bring our country into the League of Nations were soundly
defeated by popular opinion, the global socialists retreated to lick their political
wounds, then regrouped for another direct assault on our nationalism and
sovereignty.  This second effort bore fruit in 1945, when the United Nations came into
being.  The socialists were ecstatic when the United States signed an agreement to
become a part of the United Nations because since its inception, every Secretary
General and/or Undersecretary General of the United Nations has been a declared
Additionally, the United Nations is a non-governmental organization (NGO).  In other
words, it is a body of unelected officials who have taken it upon themselves to
determine how the rest of the world shall live.  The U.N.  has decided that they know
what is best for the rest of the world, and through diligent commitment to their global
socialist agenda, they have imposed their ideas on sovereign nations throughout the
world, always in the name of "keeping the peace."
Have you ever considered the phrase, "to enforce the peace"?  You cannot use force
to achieve peace between warring parties.  Only when the involved parties reach their
own conclusion that peace is the proper course of action, can they have peace.  It
has never been possible to forcibly restrain one country from fighting another.  It has
never been possible to forcibly cause the people of one country to love their
enemies.  It has never been possible to force people with legitimate social, religious
and political differences, to abandon those differences in the name of peace.  These
ends must be achieved through time and nature, not force.
Would you rather have an enforced peace, by non-elected officials who have
determined that the proper way of  life is communistic, or retain your natural,
God-given right to defend the principles in which you believe and which are important
to you?
What would have happened if over 220 years ago, some non-governmental
organization bullied the American Revolutionary Patriots into not fighting.  What if
some foreign power had come into our country and told us that "fighting is bad" so we
could not fight.  As a matter of fact, who says that fighting is bad?  Why do you
BELIEVE them?  Is there nothing for which it is worth fighting?  Does anything matter
enough to you that you would fight to defend that thing if it was attacked?  Before you
answer with some new-age rhetoric about violence being wrong, consider how you
would feel and what you would be willing to do if someone threatened to take the lives
of your spouse and children.  Would you fight to defend them?  Would you risk
everything to protect them?  If you are not prepared to answer with a resounding
YES, then consider the following quote:
"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the
animating    contest for freedom, go home from us in peace.
 We seek not your counsel, nor your arms.  Crouch down and lick the hand that
feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."
 Samuel Adams
It may surprise you to learn that outside of the Federal Reserve System, the United
Nations has been directly responsible for more death and destruction in their years of
existence than any other organization on the face of this planet.
For example, during the conflict in Rwanda, Hutu forces literally chopped Tootsie
rebels into pieces, while United Nations "peacekeeping" forces watched from a
distance of as little as 20 yards away.
Both the Vietnam and Korean Wars were actually United Nations police actions.  What
you may not know is that when a soldier or officer serves in a United Nations
non-governmental action, s/he is officially classified as a mercenary and therefore
does not enjoy the protection of the Geneva Convention, if captured.  This is the
primary reason why there are so many MIAs from both of these "police actions."  It is
also the reason why the United States government doesn't care enough to take
corrective measures to bring them home.
Today, the U.N. has just about taken over the entire planet!  That is not an
exaggeration.  They send in "peacekeeping forces" whenever a conflict exists that
threatens to undermine communist rule in a region.  It is only the supporters of
personal liberty who have been targeted by the U.N.
Communist china is an excellent example.  The United Nations has never defended
the rightful claims of Taiwan, but they are quick to stand for the ChiComm regime.  
Conduct your own research; you will find that in every conflict in which the United
Nations has been involved, they have taken the side of the communists and
socialists.  The U.N.  sentiment is clearly anti-American.  So why are we involved with
them in the first place?
The United States is not a member of the United Nations!
Don't BELIEVE me when I tell you that the United States is not a member of the United
Nations.  Look to the law for the truth:
The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land to which all
statutes must conform.
Railroad Retirement Board v.  Alton R. Co., 295 US 330, 79 L.Ed 1468
The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the land ordained and established by
the people, and all legislation must conform to the principles it lays down.
United States v.  Butler, 297 US 1, 80 L.Ed 477, 56 S.Ct.  312
Statutes enacted by Congress and treaties made by the President and the Senate
must yield to the paramount and supreme law of the Constitution.
United States v.  Wong Kim Ark, 169 US 649, 42 L.Ed 890, 18 S.Ct.  456
What is paramount to this discussion is that the United States became a part of the
United Nations through an informal agreement.  It wasn't a treaty or legislative act,
only an agreement.  I challenge any one of you to show me where in the Constitution
for the United States it authorizes the federal government to enter into an informal
agreement with a non-governmental organization, to subvert and surrender the
sovereignty of the people and the state.  If the Constitution does not authorize it, then
it has no weight or meaning in law.  It is a non-existent matter.
Our National Parks Have Been Given Away to the United Nations
Our entire national park system has been systematically turned over to the United
Nations as "biospheres" and "environmental preserves."  These unlawful giveaways
include Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, Statue of Liberty (now there's
an irony), Volcano National Park, Everglades national Park, Allegheny National
Forest, Independence Hall (another irony), and many, many more.
Also, Fort Polk in Louisiana has been turned over to United Nations troops.  these are
foreign troops stationed on American soil!  There happen to be over a million foreign
troops known to be currently on our soil, as of this writing.  And that does not include
those about whom we do not know.
Additionally, Dictator Bill Clinton has pursued continuous efforts to declare American
public (i.e. belonging to We the People) lands to be "American River Heritage Sites,"
resulting in the substantial devaluation of surrounding private properties without just
compensation to their owners.  The socialists who have infiltrated our country have
dedicated themselves to supporting the United Nations at every turn.
United Nations Charter on Human Rights
This mis-named document is a real eye-opener.  Here is an example of the so-called
"rights" which all people would possess under the United Nations Charter.  Every
Article in this document contains the same exceptions to the exercise of the rights
contained therein as are mentioned in Item 3 below.
Article 12
1.  Everyone lawfully within the territory of a State shall, within that territory, have
the        right to liberty of movement and freedom to choose his residence.
2.  Everyone shall be free to leave any country, including his own.
3.  The above-mentioned rights shall not be subject to any restrictions except those
which are provided by law, are necessary to protect national security, public order,
public health or morals or the rights and freedoms of others, and are consistent with
the other rights recognized in the present Covenant.
Do you see the insidiousness of this document?  First, it purports to have the United
Nations - not God - issue your rights.  Then it determines that there are exceptions
provided which would preclude your ability to exercise those same rights.  Remember,
rights come from God.  Only privileges (regardless of what they are called) come from
the State or (United Nations).  Anyway, who will decide whether the exercise of your
rights interferes with the needs of national security, public order, morals, etc.?  Some
bureaucrat, no doubt.  this is not a charter of rights.  It is a blueprint for global
domination and world slavery.
Attorney General Reveals Her True Beliefs Abut Patriots
If you do not go along with the globalist efforts to create a one world government
under the totalitarian rule of the unelected United Nations, then you are considered to
be a terrorist or a cultist.  Read the words of Janet Reno, United States Attorney
General, regarding cultists:
"A cultist is one who has a strong belief in the bible and the Second Coming of Christ;
who frequently attends Bible studies; who has a high level of financial giving to a
Christian cause; who home schools for their children; who has accumulated survival
foods and has a strong belief in the Second Amendment; and who distrusts big
government.  Any of these may qualify (a person as a cultist) but certainly more than
one (of these characteristics) would cause us to look at this person as a threat, and
his family (as) being in a risk situation that qualified for government interference."
Attorney General Janet reno in an interview on "60 Minutes"
The upshot of this is that whenever the United States sends your sons and daughters
into a United Nation police action, then those who have sent them (i.e.  the President,
Congress, Senate, etc.) have committed wanton acts of TREASON!  (For an
extensive look into the treachery of the United Nations, I suggest Global Tyranny:  
Step by Step, available from the John Birch Society, Appleton, Wisconsin).