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We Shall Not  Forget



The Legal System



Jury Says Wages Not Taxable

31 Questions About the IRS

Senators Attorney Claims 16th
Amendment Bogus

The Second Amendment

Liberal Gun Control Agenda

The United Nations

The Federal Reserve System

The Real Reason For The
Death of JFK

Elite Plot for Economic Collapse

The Authority of Law

Administrative Law

State of Emergency

Emergency War Powers Act

Executive Orders

The Shadow Government

Enemy Of The State

General Tommy Franks
Press Interview

My Rebuttal to the General

Admiral Moorers' Last Warning

The Silent Invasion

Environmental Lies


Partial Birth Abortions

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Our forefathers had a dream.  A dream where people were free.  Where they
were free to pursue happiness.  Where they were free to pursue their dreams,
their goals, their ambitions.  Where they could possess land and where they
were the rulers of their land and government was the servant of the people.  The
belief was that governments were inheritably evil and therefore had to be
limited in power.  The smaller the government the better.  This is what America
is suppose to be like.

Not the America we have come to know, but the America that was founded with
the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence signed on July 4,
1776 by 56 British citizens declaring themselves and those whom they
represented, their property and land, to be free from British rule, free and
independent states, free from government authority.  This document is the
foundation of everything American.