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CFR Bankers Plot Coup And Genocide

--- intro. comments by Mark Sonnenblick

EIR senior economic staffer Richard Freeman spent two days at a closed-door
meeting inside the New York Council on Foreign Relations' mansion. The power
elite now shares Lyndon LaRouche's long-held assessment that its financial
system is likely to explode, explosion, but the "big guys" have no idea how
to save their system.

Freeman witnessed the CFR crowd preparing to come out on top after a coup
d'etat against the U.S. President. And, one of their spokesmen boasts freely
of his desire to see tens of millions of Africans killed off by the AIDS
epidemic. These are the descendents of the same Wall Street-City of London
bankers' cabal that financed Adolf Hitler's rise to power--with the help of
George W. Bush's granddaddy, Prescott Bush.

The following is a taste of a far larger study, and related studies,
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Regards, Mark Sonnenblick

- CFR Bankers Plot Coup & Genocide -

By Richard Freeman

On July 12-13, the New York Council on Foreign Relation held, at its
exclusive mansion-headquarters in Manhattan, a conference on "The Next
Financial Crisis: Warning Signs, Damage Control and Impact." The conference
examined the potential for a global financial crash; it drew together 250
people, most of them bankers, investors, corporation officials, and
policymakers, mostly from the United States, but also from Europe. EIR

The main theme of the conference was the continued work of the "Financial
Vulnerabilities Project," a project which the CFR launched in 1999 with Wall
Street banker Roger Kubarych as its director. During the past year, while
U.S. policymakers and media have {publicly} raved about the soundness of the
financial system, the CFR's "Financial Vulnerabilities Project" has held
events and simulated "war-games" based on the assumption of a global
financial meltdown.

What emerged as a dominant second theme reflecting the thinking of the CFR,
was the enunciated policy that many tens of millions of Africans should be
allowed to die by being denied treatment for AIDS. As one participant put it,
"Those with AIDS in Africa should die quickly."

The CFR is the policy vehicle of the British and American financier
oligarchy, which founded it in 1921. It dictates a considerable part of the
policy of the U.S., including to the Democratic and Republican Parties. Much
of the policy that emerges in official Washington comes from the CFR and its
circle. The conference demonstrated the degeneration of the thinking of the
CFR and U.S. policy elites, even relative to 20 years ago.

Though the financial crisis was often accurately described at the conference,
no sound solution or cure was presented at all.

- Destroying Africa -

At the conference, Peter Schwartz made a naked recommendation for the murder
of tens of millions of people in Africa. Schwartz directed two of the
conference sessions on "Scenario Planning and Simulation," and the war-game
simulation chapter of his recent book, "The Art of the Long View" was used to
run the CFR's war-game simulation of a financial meltdown. Schwartz formerly
directed the intelligence-linked Scenario Planning Department of Royal Dutch
Shell, a key institution of the British oligarchy. (It was set up by Lord
Victor Rothschild.) He is the founder of Wired magazine and the founder and
current head of the Global Business Network, both of which are at the
forefront of the New Age-New Economy movement.

On July 13, Schwartz had the following exchange with EIR.

{EIR}: Yesterday, at a session of the conference that you directed, you
stated that we should not keep alive those who have AIDS in Africa. You are
writing off part of that continent's population.

{Schwartz:} In 1986, I did a study on this for AT&T, Royal Dutch Shell, and
Volvo. We concluded that people who have AIDS in Africa should not be kept
alive; they spread the disease. It is better they should die quickly.

(Schwartz claimed, without credibility, that the study was "just an
intellectual exercise.")

{EIR}: Why not have those who have AIDS in Africa, live in decent places
where they will not transmit the disease...?

{Schwartz:} Concentration camps.

Schwartz snapped this riposte out quickly. This is exactly what the Hollywood
mafia and death lobby lied that Lyndon LaRouche was proposing when his
movement put Proposition 69, for a program to fight AIDS and save lives, on
the California ballot in 1986.

{EIR}: I'm talking about places where people would live in good housing, with
special diets that give them 50% higher protein intakes....

{Schwartz:} Concentration camps.

{EIR:} Concentration camps are places where people were worked to death, and
then gassed.

{Schwartz:} Oh, well. Well, the bubonic plague was very good: It killed
people right away.

Schwartz then brought Robert Hormats into the conversation. Hormats, the
former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, and currently
vice chairman of the international division of Goldman Sachs investment bank,
is a major figure in the Gore campaign. After Schwartz made some more remarks
about getting rid of persons with AIDS in Africa, Hormats concurred, "This is
just natural selection." Schwartz beamed at the horrifying conclusion.

Schwartz and Hormats represent the genocidal view of Lord Bertrand Russell,
who in 1951 thought "bacteriological war may prove effective" in "ridding"
the world of non-white people. To achieve that objective, "a Black Death
[should] spread throughout the world once in every generation."

- Global Financial Meltdown -

The CFR's "Next Financial Crisis" was the third in a series of events of the
Financial Vulnerabilities Project. On Sept. 29, 1999, the Project held its
first event, reporting, "Our premise is that perhaps the most dangerous
near-term threat to U.S. world leadership, and thus indirectly to U.S.
security, would be a sharp decline in the U.S. securities markets that
touched off a worldwide financial disturbance. It would likely stun the U.S.

Then on Jan. 22, 2000, the CFR held its second big event, a simulation
war-game/global financial meltdown. This eight-hour simulation, which was
supposed to cover a 15-day period in July 2000, involved a coup against the
United States.

The CFR conscripted 75 persons to its headquarters, including bankers, former
Treasury Secretaries, etc. Participants were divided into four teams and sent
into four rooms, with the ability to communicate with each other and a
command HQ via computer. The four teams covered a) monetary-financial, which
dealt with the functions of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors; b)
economic and trade, which dealt with the functions of the U.S. Treasury
Department; c) regulatory matters; and d) national security.

The game-players were hit with breakdowns in several markets, which increased
in severity over the eight hours. The market assumptions included the Dow
Jones Average falling by stages, from 10,000 to 7,100; the price of oil
shooting up to $36 per barrel; the dollar plummeting against the euro and the
yen; a large failure in the derivatives market; Ukraine defaulting on
payments to Russian oil companies, which increased the possibility of a
Russian-Ukrainian confrontation, etc.

But according to a panel at the July 12-13 conference, which reported on
results of the Jan. 22 simulation, the simulation {started with a coup
against the President of the United States.} James Jones, the former U.S.
Ambassador to Mexico, 1993-97, played the role of National Security Adviser
during the Jan. 22 simulation. On July 12, Jones reported a critical feature
in the simulation: "We assumed that the President of the United States was
incapacitated. We had to decide whether to take powers from the President."

The July 12 "report-back" also divulged that a critical feature of the effort
was that, according to a person who played the vice chairman of the Federal
Reserve, "We kept the main markets open, and let other things go. We lowered
rates and put in liquidity. The main thing was to create the perception of

The July 12-13 conference and the Jan. 22 simulation confirm that, despite
media prattling, the highest levels of the financier oligarchy are making
preparations for something quite different from unlimited prosperity.

At the July 12-13 conference, the danger of financial breakdown was often
accurately presented, but no solution such as putting the cancerous system
through bankruptcy reorganization, was even remotely discussed. Peter
Schwartz's call to hasten the death of tens of millions of Africans, in the
face of a financial crisis which the CFR knows to be intensifying, is the
logical outcome of its thinking, and a terrible warning about the future.

The headquarters for the CFR is The Harold Pratt House located at 58 East
68th Street in New York City, New York 10021. Oddly enough, this building is located
just across the street from
the Russian (former Soviet) Embassy.
Tel. No.: 212-734-0400, Fax No.: 212-861-1789.

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